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Forest Grove, Oregon

MOTO ExpressLube
1405 NW Thatcher Rd
Forest Grove, OR 97116
Lat 45.52749 Lon 123.125503

We're at the intersection of NW Thatcher Rd and Highway 8
Gales Creek Road, West end of Forest Grove.
We're easy to find (although it may not sound like it...)

We're close to Highway 47 (Nahalem Highway). 2 miles
Highway 26 (The Sunset Highway). 5 miles
And Highway 6 (The Wilson River Highway). 4 miles
About a dozen blocks from Pacific University
An easy 30 or so minute ride from Beaverton, Aloha and Hillsboro
Less than an hour from Portland and no sales tax so well worth the ride from
Vancouver, USA

There's a great coffee shack right next door to us!
Enjoy the Country roads to get to us, take a 15 minute break and
Stop by for a quick oil change on your way to the coast or on your way back!


We are an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer

ZO 1938630


Big Metrics - includes K&N oil filter and up to 4 quarts of high quality 10W-40 conventional oil

Big Metrics: $69.95 using our very high quality "House" synthetic

Most Harley-Davidsons: $69.95, using conventional oil. $79.95 using our very high quality "House" synthetic

$99.95 for Harley-Davidson motor and transmission fluid changes

Small motorcycles (less than 3 qts): The retail cost of oil and a filter (if needed) plus $20

Schedule a no obligation FREE oil analysis appointment


The above prices apply to most motorcycles. If you have a Yamaha V-star or something
else that requires major surgery to perform an oil change (you know who you are), our
shop rate is $60/Hr in 15 minute increments. If we have to pull your exhaust or whatever
to get the oil filter out, there will be an up-charge for the additional labor (and parts,
if needed) to do this extra service work. We will be very fair with you in our pricing.
But fairness flows both ways. We expect customers who know they own a poorly designed
(i.e. designed to discourage D.I.Y. maintenance) motorcycles to be fair with us as well.

What does "Express oil change" mean?

We stock most popular, high quality lubricants. There may be a small up-charge for
using your brand choice instead of our very good "House" brand. Note that prices may
vary slightly based on your particular bike, for example if it takes more than four
quarts to refill the oil bag. But be assured... these are not "teaser" or "bait and
switch" prices....

We don't believe that nickel-and-diming customers is the way to build a business.
If you need "something special", a drain plug washer or whatever, you'll still be out
the door with a smile for something very close to these advertised prices.

If you're not totally happy, you won't come back and you won't recommend us to your friends.
"Doing The Right Thing" is good for you and it's good for us!

We will change your old oil FAST and for a lot less dough than you'd pay most anywhere else!
All of our lubricants meet and usually far exceed Manufacturer's recommendations.

We will also change rear gear oil, primary oil and most any other lubricant you have
in your motorcycle (FAST!), at VERY competitive prices!

If you are running extended drain interval oils or just want to know the condition of
the oil that's currently in your bike, drop by for a free, no obligation analysis!

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