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This forum is for questions and information regarding general motorcycle lubrication issues.  Live in the Portland, Oregon, Vancouver USA area or passing through?  Need a quick oil change using the highest possible quality oils and filter?

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  1. theorigi says:

    There are a small (very small) number of businesses around that offer “quick” (less than one hour) oil changes for motorcycles. But in almost all cases, these businesses use quick and inexpensive oil change services as a “hook” to get riders in the door… and then work hard to sell them much higher profit margin products and services such as tires and exhaust systems. One franchise model I read about offers $39 oil changes but clearly states in it’s sales brochure that the average sale is $289!!!!! Pretty expensive oil change!

    If you’re a disciplined shopper, going to an outfit that does oil changes as a loss leader could work out for you. I take advantage of the great, inexpensive meals at casinos all the time but don’t gamble a nickel… so one of these guys might well work out for you. Of course that assumes that they really are experts at motorcycle lubrication, which some clearly are not.

    Or, you could go to an express oil change business like ours that focuses on very high quality express oil changes! There is absolutely no bait and switch or “up” selling going on here. You’ll be out the door with a smile for an amount equal to or very close to what you expected to pay when you left the house to come here.

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